On the 1st of August 1927, the manufacturer Carl Christensen founded the first company in Denmark to deal exclusively in automotive spare parts. It started out in small surroundings at Kystvejen in Aarhus where the company Carl Christensen, later known under the name CAC, mounted parts on the ”naked” Ford and GM automobiles that came in from the USA. The cars arrived without batteries, speedometers or other parts and it was up to Carl Christensen to ”dress the cars”.

As the company grew and the premises at Kystvejen got too limited, CAC moved to Park Alle where Carl Christensen established the first cylinder service shop in Denmark. After that the manufacturer was widely only referred to as ”Cylinder-Carl”.
The close connection between the engine reconditioning and the company is reflected in the two oldest distribution agreements that are still intact after more than 85 years. Goetze (piston rings and gasket kits) and Mahle (pistons). Both distribution agreements date back to 1931.

Since then many leading producers of parts for the automobile factories have come to CAC with their agencies, among them Mann + Hummel, Sachs, Beru, Bosch and Ferodo.
This has allowed CAC to develop into the leading supplier to the Danish market of all wearing parts: engine parts, brakes, clutches, steering gear etc. and services simultaneously through au2parts network also Danish garages with original spare parts.

Aktieselskabet CARL CHRISTENSEN is owned by the CAC Foundation, founded in 1967 by Mr. Carl Christensen with the aim to support art and help preserve Danish cultural heritage such as primarily The Old Town in Aarhus and the Jutland Manor House Museum Gammel Estrup at Auning.